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"A work team or organization is only as strong as its weakest member"


group facilitation

Group Facilitation

Group facilitation is about making things easier for groups—organizations, companies, work teams – to work together effectively and reach their goals.  When conflict arises in the workplace, it can drain energy and negatively impact employee wellness, focus and productivity.  Jenn can help groups travel through the discomfort of conflict and arrive on the other side, where individuals and groups are happier, more invested and more effective when they come to work each day.


Group facilitation begins with a consulting process where Jenn and her associates will consult individually with group members to help identify the issues that lead to conflict and the interest of all the parties impacted. Through structured discussions, Jenn will help individuals identify what is important to them, what their concerns are and what they hope to gain through a facilitated conflict resolution process.

After gathering information, Jenn works together with group leaders to design a process that meets the needs and goals for the group.  By consulting with group leaders, Jenn is able to facilitate in a way that fits the cultural norms of the organization or company she is working with.  This facilitated process may be a few hours “on site”, a day away or a series of 3-5 hour events. 




Some examples of disputes that can be resolved through faciliation:

  • Several employees in a company
  • Members of a strata 
  • a human services organization

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making changes that last

The final stage of group facilitation is follow-up conflict coaching.  Research indicates that new learning and organizational change is most effective when employees renew and fine-tune their commitments to change.  To help your group keep in their productive “zone”, Jenn offers a series of “tune ups” in the weeks/months following the group process.  These meeting give groups and individuals the change to reflect on their learning, “tweak” agreements and renew their commitment to new ways of interacting with their colleagues.