Feel good about the way you handle yourself in conflict

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What is "conflict coaching"?

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one alliance between a person trained in conflict resolution (a coach) and a person who is experiencing a current conflict, anticipating a future conflict or wanting to avoid a conflict altogether.  A coach can help a person prepare for a formal dispute resolution process such as work place dispute, make a formal complaint, navigate an investigation, a mediation or even a litigation process. Conflict coaching can be used as a preventative tool – to assist people to be able to constructively manage conflict that might arise in the future.

Who hires conflict coaches?

Conflict coaching is helpful for spouses that are separating, people involved in workplace conflict and anyone who feels walked over or out of control in conflict situations.  It is also highly beneficial for students of mediation and new mediators looking to hone their skills or to prepare for a mediation skills assessment.  

How does it work?

Sharing her knowledge and skills, Jenn will support coaching clients by observing, offering structured feedback to help the learner develop, refine or define their conflict resolution skill set.  Student mediators who invest in conflict coaching maximize their learning efficiency.

Whether you are having conflict at work or home, or are beginner mediator, conflict coaching can help you get better at handling conflict skillfully.  Jenn will help you gain clarity about the source of conflict, help you understand your needs those of the other party. and build your confidence in finding win-win solutions.